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My experience with Terri has always been an amazing, life changing, validating, loving and soulful. The Sacred Garden Healing Centre is a place of peacefulness and love. Terri is a beautiful woman inside and out. Thank you for providing such a beautiful space to heal, learn and soar


I've been to the healing centre on multiple occasions, every time I left I felt completely rejuvenated.  It's a life changing experience, helped me with my sore hip and emotional healing as well as a few other things I was able to work through.

Love my time with Terri, highly recommend  everyone taking the time to see her.


My whole family have had a session or more with Terri. We have all experienced such heartwarming emotions and leave there feeling so at peace. Words just cannot describe how amazing she is. What a blessing it is to know her



I have taken a few different courses from Terri and every time I left I felt lighter, more empowered, gained knowledge and had a deeper sense of the path I was supposed to be on. In each class Terri always made me feel comfortable and the atmosphere was always welcoming. I would love to continue taking classes. 


I signed up for Reiki hoping to improve something within myself, what I was left with was so much more. Terri is not only an amazing healer but mentor. She provided an insightful perspective and knowledge into the world of Reiki and healing. I am forever grateful to her and her teachings as it has truly changes my life.


Terri is a wonderful teacher and friend. Her Guidance and teachings are amazing. Grateful that my journey has brought Terri into my life. There are no words to convey the immense love and gratitude. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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