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Welcome to The
Spiritual Academy

I am so happy you are here! The Spiritual Academy is here to ignite your soul's journey and guide you as you embark on your path to personal empowerment. The academy was created with the intention of making you feel accompanied on your spiritual journey, guided through the ups and downs of inner growth & transformation and for you to have easy access to enriching & enlightening spiritual teachings every step of the way. Whether you need help navigating life, staying balanced, or you are just looking for a safe place to grow and learn, The Spiritual Academy and I welcome you, we are so thrilled that you are here. 


 This is a powerful moment in time for transformation and manifesting the life you desire to live and love. Find all of the details for the monthly membership to the academy below. 

Pricing Plans

*Please note when signing up for the membership it is your responsibility to pay attention to your PayPal account and transactions. You can cancel any time but there will be no refunds. Thank you*

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Best Value

Spiritual Academy



Every month

Spiritual Enlightenment for Your Heart & Soul

Valid until canceled

Monthly Zoom Training

Full Moon / New Moon Readings straight to your inbox

Live group Q & A

Live group clearings

Oracle card pulls

VIP Access to private Facebook group

Guest Speakers

Access to workshop Library with 35+ hours of trainings

20 % off Sacred Garden products

Early access to Session & Course calendar


Angel & Spirit Guide messages

Moon Readings



Every month

Full & New Moon energy readings

Valid until canceled

Full Moon email delivered to you monthly

Outline of the Full Moon energy for the week

How its energy affects your fire/water/air/earth signs

New Moon email delivered to you monthly

Insight into the New Moon energy for the week

How the New Moon will affect fire/water/air/earth signs

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