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The session calendar is OPEN, thank you for all your love and support!

Join our enlightened community in the Awaken & Evolve Sisterhood Circle or dive deeper into your gifts & ancient knowledge by working alongside me in one of my upcoming courses or workshops. 



This is my trademark session which involves a wide variety of all my healing modalities and assists you in Balancing, Healing and Transforming your life. Upon completion of this session you will feel like a weight has been lifted; life will look clearer and validations from your loved ones and the angels will have touched your heart. A beautiful experience that has been my most popular session for years. 60 min Hands-on session is $250 +gst   

60 min Phone/Zoom session is $220 +gst


+ gst




In this reading we will take a journey into how the angelic realm works within your Astrological sign. Together we will walk the path of Angel messages as spoken through the stars. Learn who your ruling sign Angels are & welcome them in as your own ethereal support as you continue to Awaken & Evolve on your own unique spiritual path! 

This life-changing session will illuminate your life map and show you whom you are truly meant to be. *Must know birth time

$333 + gst

Image by Aarón Blanco Tejedor


This reading is for anyone who is ready to evolve!  This phone session provides you with a new and deep understanding of who you really are. Everyone comes into this world with their own unique past, present, future records. Let's give you the clarity and confidence needed to step into your true potential.


This powerful Session will give you the Clarity you need, to heal and move forward. If there is no availability, please reach out to Terri.

$400 + gst




Did you know we all came into this life with lessons to learn? Do you wonder why the same things keep showing up in your life and you are not sure why? This powerful reading will help you to illuminate and understand them, bringing you the clarity and insight you desire.  This phone session is recorded for you. 

$200 +gst

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What questions do you have? If you are looking for answers about your career, relationships, future opportunities, this is the reading for you. Get the guidance you need to assist you on your life path. It is time to gain the clarity that you have been searching for. Please bring questions . This is NOT a mediumship reading.

$200 +gst




Many obstacles in our present life are rooted in the past and it is immensely valuable to travel back and release them and set yourself free.  If you are ready to find out your past life paths, to clear your inner clutter and discover why you are here, this is the session for you. 

This session uses hypnotherapy.

$350 + gst

let goo.png



If you're feeling stuck and frustrated by the same repeating obstacles preventing you from moving forward, then this session is for you. This session will help you understand, process and release the underlying patterns and themes in your life that are keeping you stuck. Through this session, you'll gain the clarity and insight to move through the hard times and challenges that come your way. You'll be able to gain the courage and strength to break free from these limitations and move towards your higher purpose. It's time to liberate and free yourself from the things that have been holding you back.

$400 +gst



Whether your child is feeling unsettled, anxious, fearful, sensitive or just needing a bit of assistance, this session can help to calm, relax and gently heal.  I have worked with many children of all ages and it always amazes me how easy it is for them to let go and heal.  This is a gift to your child and you!

$50-100 +gst

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60 min 1:1 spiritual business coaching for heart-centred entrepreneurs who are ready to show up with your questions, do the work and create more success in your lives and business. Each unique session will be an open Q&A style where you can dive into any of the questions you have on setting up your business, basic business practices, client communications, spiritual practices or mindset that you think will help your business blossom. What you put in is what you get out! 

$250 +gst

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