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Courses & Workshops

As a Psychic Medium, Transformational Healer and Spiritual Mentor I am so passionate about helping others find the knowledge & tools needed for self-fulfillment, healing and growth both personally and in their business. I offer many different courses & workshops from beginner to advanced, there truly is something for every step of your Spiritual journey.

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4 Week Program 

Feb 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th

10am 2-3 hours per class

Zoom Workshop 

This in person workshop strives to teach you to come to a place of peace, comfort and acceptance with your abilities. Connect with Spirit will help develop confidence in your gifts and teach you how to manage these gifts to communicate clearly and effectively with any spirit, angel, guide or crossed love one with messages. 

$555 + gst

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For over two decades I have studied and used Past-Life Regression in my practice and I will demonstrate how to enter past-lives on a client. You will be able to open up your intuition to a higher level during this course as it’s part of the training that naturally develops and instils in you the ability to take direction from your guides and that of your clients. This very may well be a life changing course! Past life regression is a method that uses hypnotherapy (a deep meditative state) to uncover memories of your past lives.

$2,499 +gst

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Open for enrolment 

Learn to access and use universal healing energy with Usui Reiki for deep personal healing & transformation. Topics covered include the history of Reiki, ethical practices of Reiki, the 30 day Self-Healing, chakra systems & the Five Reiki Principles. Self-paced online course now available. 

$150 + gst

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Begin Your Journey


10am- 12pm

Zoom Workshop

In this Begin Your Journey workshop, you will learn and understand how to strengthen to your intuition, and start finding yourself. We will go over intuition, prayer, journaling, picking up other’s energies, what you are feeling (is it your's or someone else’s energy), self-doubt and so much more. You will learn how to clear energy to step into your true authentic self. 

$88 + gst

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Two day class:

Saturday April 22nd 10-2

Saturday April 29th 10-12

In- Person

  Prerequisite:  Level 1

The level 2 class will take your Reiki practice to a higher level and these symbols will strengthen the effects of Reiki for you and others that you work with. This is a very full, fun-filled class with abundant, full treatment practice. Students will receive a Level 2 manual. Once students have completed all assignments and an exam you will receive a Level 2 Certificate.

$444 + gst

Reiki Treatment



Join me for the Usui Reiki Masters Certification. This intensive two-day Certification training will provide you with the Usui Reiki Masters attunement and Certification. Dive deep into your connection with the universe and the powerful healing modality of Reiki and step into your confidence as a Reiki Master. These skills and practice will serve to help you create the foundation of your Reiki healing business if that is your focus. .

$666 + gst

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