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I am so happy you are here! I can't wait to connect. Thank you for your purchase!

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Choose your pricing plan

  • Spiritual Academy

    Every month
    Spiritual Enlightenment for Your Heart & Soul
    • Monthly Zoom Training
    • Full Moon / New Moon Readings straight to your inbox
    • Live group Q & A
    • Live group clearings
    • Oracle card pulls
    • VIP Access to private Facebook group
    • Guest Speakers
    • Access to workshop Library with 35+ hours of trainings
    • 20 % off Sacred Garden products
    • Early access to Session & Course calendar
    • 10% off SESSIONS, COURSES & MENTORSHIP with Terri
    • Angel & Spirit Guide messages
  • Moon Readings

    Every month
    Full & New Moon energy readings
    • Full Moon email delivered to you monthly
    • Outline of the Full Moon energy for the week
    • How its energy affects your fire/water/air/earth signs
    • New Moon email delivered to you monthly
    • Insight into the New Moon energy for the week
    • How the New Moon will affect fire/water/air/earth signs
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